our dogs


Lilo is our 1st Beauceron female and will remain our number 1. Her character is just overwhelming over and over again. Thanks to you, we can continue to expand our breeding project.


Rok is our 2nd male and the first dog from our own breeding. He is something very special for us and we are looking forward to the development. His character is very balanced and calm. But his appearance is quite impressive even at a young age.


Nikita  A sunshine and good mood dog. You always enchant us with your kind, but you are also impressed when you work with the sheep.

HULK † 13.07.2020

Hulk is THE man in the household. He is our 1st Beauceron male and has developed very well. Due to his calm mind and open manner, you can always rely on him.


Unfortunately we had to redeem our beloved Hulk after a severe tick infection and a long struggle with ups and downs. He will always be with us and we will never forget him. He is very special!


Inti is our 4 Beauceron and 3 female. She is the daughter of our male Hulk. She has a great open character and we are excited to see how she will develop.


Our dogs go through all tests relevant for breeding:

-HD evaluation (France and Germany)

-ED evaluation

-EU evaluation

-Heart ultrasound regularly

-Gentest for long hair gene

-Gentest for the color brown

-DNA profile

Regular examinations are carried out for this purpose:

-blood count

-fecal samples

-Spermiogram (males)


Why do we have our dogs in France evaluated in addition to the German HD evaluation?

We are happy to answer this question; we believe that the country of origin of a breed always has the most experience

and also has the highest number of dogs evaluated. On average, one can say that Germany evaluates 30 Beaucerons per year and France, on the other hand, 300.

Since we often look around in the country of origin for possible covers, we see it as comparable if the dogs are evaluated from the same place.