We are breeders in CFH / VDH

International kennel name of the FCI is available

Breeder in the association for the German dog industry  / VDH


Member of the Club for French Shepherd Dogs e.V. / CFH


Member of the Austrian Club for BEAUCERON


Member of the French club Amis du Beauceron


member of CSCCT (Club Suisses des Chiens Continentaux au Troupeau / Swiss Club of Continental Herding Dogs)

We quickly realized that the French herding dog is THE breed for us that we cannot get rid of and that we would like to devote our attention and our commitment, not only to sport, to it. It is our motivation to maintain this working dog breed with its unique working characteristics and to give this breed a good start into life, through careful litter planning, breeding and rearing.

The Beauceron is one of the oldest working dog breeds. We see it as a cultural asset to preserve this breed and to make it better known to a healthy extent. However, we hope that the Beauceron never becomes a fashion dog.

What is important to us, what are our breeding goals?

We want to breed Beaucerons that meet the standards of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The most important properties of the Beauceron for us are health, steadfastness, intelligence, high willingness to bond, its high degree of independence, a very good socialized and balanced nature and above all the everyday suitability of the dogs.


When selecting the matings, we will certainly pay attention to the characteristics that are important to us, the health, the nature and the working characteristics and try to compensate for minor errors with the corresponding partner.


It is important to us that the dogs are suitable for everyday use despite everything. We expect a high level of social competence as well as heart and conduct. Beaucerons should be strong and agile in order to remain versatile. His high tolerance to external stimuli is really impressive and is unparalleled.


With our matings we will make sure that, if possible, a partner always comes from a direct herding line. We are convinced that with such a selection, the properties of the Beauceron will be preserved.


The herding dog is a very loyal companion if it is brought up consistently from an early age. We are of the opinion that there is no such thing as a family dog, but every dog can become one if you always work fairly and straightforwardly on the education. A Beauceron is about 3 years of age and has finished growing and learning, so it is very important not only to attend the puppy school, but also to stay in work. However, we will always be at the side of all of our puppy buyers with advice and action, this is our duty as breeders.


Another point that is very important to us is to maintain / improve the genetic diversity of the breed. For this reason we have already opted for a "breath of fresh air" from foreign breeders for our dogs.


Nature and genetics are difficult to predict, so in 2017, together with Dr. Geretschläger / FERAGEN launched a project on genetic diversity. This procedure checks the dogs for over 140 autoimmune diseases and also calculates the genetic diversity of possible mating in the case of possible breeding partners. We promise ourselves that with this database we have laid a cornerstone for the preservation of the genetic diversity of this breed and thus to continuously improve it and keep it up to date.


In the first weeks and months of rearing, we will prepare the puppies as well as possible for the coming life. To be able to enjoy a carefree future in your new home. Our offspring are very important to us, so for us the breeding does not end with the delivery of the puppies. We look forward to being able to participate in the development of the puppies and are happy to provide advice and assistance to future puppy buyers